October 6, 2022

What is important to know when choosing the right spray for throat pain?

Throat pain is common condition at children, adults and teenagers as well. The symptoms such as, pain during swallowing, itch, are caused during fever, virus, bacterial and germ infections. According to the otolaryngologists, the spray is one of the most convenient and effective dosing forms for throat pain.

People usually ask themselves how to choose good spray for the throat, for their kids and for them self’s as well. Although most of the sprays are available without receipt, even they can cause different local reactions – sneezing, irritation and moth dryness, gum redness, vomit etc. Important indicators to which you should pay attention when choosing the right spray are

  • Ingredients
  • Efficiency and safety
  • Taste
  • Contraindications and restrictions
  • Easy usage
  • Price
  • Can it be used for children as well?

Then using spray for throat pain, we should be aware that an efficient spray shall ease the pain primarily, regardless of the cause.

What are the benefits when using Oralsept spray?

  • Main composition of Oralsept is benzylamine that has triple action




  • Oralsept has local effect. The medicine is not absorbed in the vascular system, hence the risk form irritations is minimized
  • It contains natural mint taste that is important for children (easily accepted)
  • Fast analgetic effect, since we all know that the pain is followed in all inflammatory throat pains
  • Long extension for dispensing the spray, easily reaching the application spot, easy to be carried around and no leak protection
  • Can be used at children under 3 years old
  • Acceptable price

Why you should choose Oralsept?

European technologies

Oralsept is produced in accordance with the quality standards of GMP accepted in Europe

Clinically approved

Benzylamine is main active composition in Oralsept. Its effects, such as fast pain relief and swelling, bacteria and germ treatment, are clinically confirmed through numerous clinical trials.

Pharmacist and doctors trust its effect

Pharmacist and doctors have long positive experience with benzylamine


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