Our Story

Through our 77 years of history, Replek has reached its growth as one of the leading pharma companies on the Macedonian market, that successfully managed to meet all operational challenges. Our obligation and dedication towards our employees, the partners as well as shareholders and most importantly our consumers, remains our vision from day one.

Our strategy

Our focus is creating products that aim to provide longer and better quality of life. All operational processes are within the frames of ethical working, working with the highest standards as well as in accordance the new needs of our customers, arising with the modern way of living. We tend to create individual approach for our users. We tend to create common wellbeing.

Our vision is to always follow the needs of our users, to follow their daily habits, to create better tomorrow. We do all of this, with immense passion towards our work, towards the research and with great courage to meet your expectations.

For 77 years, we work with dedication on products that are present in all your activities. At the same time, we invest in bigger and better capacities, we undertake risks and find innovative solutions to offer better and improved quality of life, easiness in completing the daily activities, more energy, more quality time with your dearest.

We work today, for our common wellbeing!

Our operations

Replek activities and operations, are synergy of highly qualified employees, innovative processes, science and research. We are always open for new ideas; we encourage the vision and the changes. We are always open for new ideas, we appreciate and value education and knowledge, we encourage the vision and the changes.  We position the company to be able to lead on the domestic market as well as the international markets. Replek shows excellent performance and results throughout the years, on both markets. We are present in more than 25 countries around the world.

Our key activities include

  • Research & Development
  • Production of pharma products
  • Registration and market positioning on new and existing markets
  • Warehousing and distribution
  • Marketing support of new products
  • CRM

Meet Our Team

Dusan Pecovski

Chief Executive Officer
President of the Board

What inspires you at work?

Challenges, growth possibilities, everyday communications with the people. The vision and the values that we create.


How do you maintain your wellbeing?

I do not achieve the balance, but I keep on trying. Walking and skiing.


What is your moto?

Goal without plan, is just a wish.

Kosta Koteski

Chief Supply Chain & Commerce Officer / Deputy CEO
Member of the Board

What inspires you at work?

The synergy from previous experience and learnt lessons, possibility for growth.


How do you maintain your wellbeing?

Biking, skiing and running.


What is your moto?

Limitations exist, only if created.

Marjan Velkovski

Chief Operations Officer
Member of the Board

What inspires you at work?

The influence we have in our every day life. The possibility to create better future.


How do you maintain your wellbeing?

Running, mount climbing, swimming and all individual sports are the biggest challenge I have.


What is your moto?

You can not beat a person, that never gives up.

Panche Gelevski

Chief Sales & Marketing Officer
Member of the Board

What inspires you at work?

My team, the willingness and the vision to look forward.


How do you maintain your wellbeing?

Alpinism, healthy food from our cantina and enormous amount of laughter.


What is your moto?

It is always impossible, until it is done.

Dojranka Anastasovska Cvetkovska

Chief Human Resources Officer

What inspires you at work?

I am inspired by the people, their ideas for improvement and most of all when I see the changes in their mindset and actions.


How do you maintain your wellbeing?

Vitamins, sun and water.


What is your moto?

Changes happens, accept them as challenge and take the best of it!